Top 10 Advantages of Learning Music!

I have been learning, playing, performing and teaching music for a couple of decades around and in this period of 20 years the questions that are often asked to me are….

  • What are the benefits of learning music?
  • Why should I learn music?
  • Why should I invest time and money in something that can’t reward me in my professional life?
  • Why not use the time to learn about management skills or financial investments?

Of course, fields like finance and management are the most cultivated and rewarding grounds but music’s impact can’t be less gratifying than that of finance and management. If finance satisfies your body’s need, music soothes soul. Even at the present phenomenon, music is the most preferred method of coining money too along with pleasing the human senses. Music indeed builds a soft skill that makes a huge difference in both your personal and professional life.

Still not persuaded with the soul satisfying characteristics of Sangeet? Well, I am going to share here the 10 key benefits of learning music or joining Shashtriya Sangeet Classes in India that will impact your life and in a good way. Of course, these 10 are not the only good points about mastering the art of music, there are many more too but I find these to be the most prominent ones.


1. Music Does Wonders for Your Health

2. Music Makes You Pretty Darn Smart

3. Music Boosts Your Social Life

4. Music Builds Your Confidence

5. Music Trains Discipline and Patience

6. Music Makes the Identity

7. Music Connects Yourself Better to The world

8. Music Makes You a Team Player

9. Music Is a Great Stress Reliever

10. Music Is FUN!

1. Music Does Wonders for Your Health –

Music is the best remedy to kill nearly all the illness. Yes, I’m not exaggerating the virtues of music on the contrary it is a true fact, researches have revealed the fact that listening to melodious music and crooning the same can lower your blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety levels, kill insomnia, strengthen your immunological response as well as can also make you more resistant to viruses. Music also protects us from mind-related ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

2. Music Makes You Smart –

Learning music at an early stage can sharpen the mind and makes a child active and smart in virtually all the walks of his/her life. it truly does wonders their mind, body and soul.

3. Music Boosts Your Social Life –

When you know how to play an instrument, how to produce melodious tune and how to sing, you can be more able to create an amicable environment around you. It will bring your loved ones more closely to you and strengthen your social life. . If you have confidence to play music in public, you can surely make some new friends.

4. Music Builds Your Confidence –

Have you ever wondered how some veteran singers and musicians simply go before the crowd and just perform? Really, it all requires a lot of guts, zeal and confidence to go on the stage and sing like a performer; and it is the music that bestows you with this opportunity and attributes to perform in that situation. It does not matter that for whom you are performing, it can be the mass or just one person or your partner. What matters is that when you perform and appreciated, you will feel a whole lot better about yourself, which gives you confidence.

5. Music Trains Discipline & Patience –

Music is all about discipline, patience and practice. The more you practice, the better you would be and the more patience you have, the better you can sing. When you realize the rewards of playing music, you can inject the whole experience of patience and discipline in all the other walks of your life.

6. Music Makes the Identity –

Music lets you look beyond what currently exists and express yourself in a new way. Music is all about comprehending the basic rules of Sangeet and then expressing them in the form of sound. Writing your own lyrics, and re-performing the existing songs, improvising solos are just a few ways you can start with to create something out of nothing and make your identity in the music world.

7. Music Connects Yourself Better to the World-

It won’t be wrong to state that music is a universal language, which connects yourself better to the world. Just think for a while how many times you have admired a song in languages, you can speak and understand. It is the power of music. Even if we don’t understand it, we still love it. It is indeed an impressive way to express the emotions. If you ever find yourself lacking words to articulate your points or understand someone, ask the person what his/her favourite song and you can solve the situation in a minute.

8. Music Makes You a Team Player –

Creating a heart touching song is not just a task of one person. There are many persons behind the curtain. No matter you are a drummer, a musician, a  lyricist or a singer, you always have to work in a team and listen to your team-mates so as to come with the masterpiece that can touch the mass.

9. Music Is a great Stress Reliever –

There is no negating fact point that music is the great stress reliever. In the current fast paced world, we are busy with our lives and often times feel like our heads will explode from everyday’s exhaustion and everything that’s happening. The one word solution to this mind blasting situation is “Sangeet”. It is an amazing way to get your mind off things. It allows you to release your frustrations without hurting your health. It costs nothing but gives you the valuable piece of mind.

10. Music Is FUN!

Last but not the least, music is fun. Learning can sometimes be exhausting but playing can never be. Once you complete your course of music or Shashtriya Sangeet Classes and reach a level of playing something, you can master the music, which can be entirely awesome. It starts with a sense of achievement, and then it becomes a whole lot fun to enjoy music anywhere, anytime.

Music in indeed a healthy addiction with loads of fun and I bet you once you learn the art  of playing music, you will never regret of your decision of joining a Music Academy on the contrary, you will be proud of your decision.