The Search That Should Precede Your Sangeet Classes

So you are looking to improve the quality of your voice? Then you must definitely be searching for sangeet classes in your vicinity. The whole process of finding a good music teacher who can substantially improve your skills might leave you highly confused and also consume a lot of your precious time.

You can find a list of sangeet classes online through the classifieds section of the newspaper but how can you be sure that they will benefit you? Should I hire a private music tutor or should I go for group classes? How much will they charge? How to judge whether someone is qualified enough to offer the classes or not? These are just some of the many questions that keep haunting you.

If you are searching for sangeet classes and not sure where to begin, we would suggest you pay close attention to the tips mentioned below. These tips will help you to make an informed decision with regard to seeking sangeet classes to improve your vocals.

1.  Find someone who takes your interests and requirements into account. When searching for sangeet classes, you must clearly state your requirements in this regard. There are many teachers out there but the way each one of them teaches is different. Be clear about the teacher where you require assistance. For instance:

  • Can you help me with voice modulation?
  • How do I develop confidence for public singing?
  • How can I improve my voice quality?
  • How can I practice breathing for making my singing sound better?
  • I want to perfect high/low notes.
  • Will you offer me any opportunities to perform in front of the audience?

With answers to the aforementioned questions, your quest to find sangeet classes will become considerably easy.

2.  Ensure that they offer sangeet classes for what you want to learn. Do not enroll yourself with any particular institute just by relying on their popularity. You must ensure that they have experts for teaching the style of music that you wish to learn. For instance, you may choose to learn one or more from the following:

  • Classical Vocal (Shastriya Sangeet),
  • Light Classical Vocal (Sugam Sangeet),
  • Rabindra Sangeet,
  • Baal Geet,
  • Bhajan
  • Bhakti Songs
  • Classical Vocal
  • Classical Western Vocal
  • Cultural Music
  • Devotional songs
  • Ghazal
  • Hindustani Classical vocal
  • Hindustani Vocal
  • Indian Classical Vocal
  • Light Classical Vocal
  • Light Vocal
  • Semi-Classical Vocal

3.  Ensure that there is well-qualified and trained staff. If all that they teach at a Sangeet class is plain singing, you need to keep your search going. Proper classes for music will include the imparting of various vocal techniques for the overall improvement of your singing skills. This generally includes proper diction, voice modulation, enhancing the range, controlling vibrato, breath control, and more. If the teacher is a perfectionist at all of these, they will surely be of help to you as well. However, if they themselves sound dubious on any one of these elements, you have not found the right center for training.

4.  Find a teacher you are comfortable practicing with. This stands true for any type of learning. If you do not feel at comfort, you will not be able to gain any benefits of their teaching and training. Usually, the first impression is enough to tell you whether or not you will be able to accommodate with the teacher.

5.  Ask someone who has taken the classes in the past. This way you will be able to come across reliable sangeet classes. When a loved one tells you about an academy that offers professional level classes, you can be sure that they will always give you the best advice and will not refer to someone they are not sure about.

These are just some of the factors that you must keep in mind when searching for sangeet classes. Besides these, remember it is best if you find an institute which is not very far from your house. This way you will not miss out on any of the classes on grounds of heavy rain or traffic. If you are searching for sangeet classes in Noida, then do visit Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya for best guidance and support.