Rabindra Sangeet: its essence and uniqueness!!

Music is not simply an art form but is also a cultural activity and a soulful way to express and release emotions. In the simple definition of music will include some common elements such as dynamics, rhythm, pitch and the sonic features of texture and timbre. Music is performed with the use of a vast range of vocal instruments and techniques such as sitar, guitar, harmonium etc. that can all be paired to bring out some excellent creations. There are various types of music that people can learn including classical vocal (Shastriya Sangeet), Light classical vocal (Sugam Sangeet), etc. But, one of the famous forms of music which is popular among people all across the world is Rabindra Sangeet.

Rabindra Sangeet and its essence

Rabindra Sangeet which is also called as Tagore songs are basically songs from the Indian Sub Continent. These songs are composed and written by the very famous Bengali Polymath, Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindra Sangeet is mainly characterized by its unique rendition while singing that consist an important amount of ornamentation including murki, meend and many more. This form of music is based on Carnatic Classical music, Western tunes, Folk music of Bengal, and Hindustani Classical music and is completely filled with expressions of romanticism.

In the origin of Indian classical music, Bengal had always been a major place. Among the Bengali classics, Rabindra Sangeet is the one that has occupied the top position. Not only in Bengal in India but this form of music is very much popular in other parts too and is considered a part of the state’s as well as the country’s cultural and art treasure.

Worldwide popularity

People should not assume that the fans and learners of Rabindra Sangeet are just confined to Bengali families. It is adorned all over the world by people belonging to various cultural and ethnic communities. The essence of the songs is so wide and vast that it covers all aesthetic and is able to showcase the true feelings of every possible emotion of the human society.

Rabindra Sangeet has so much of its essence on people that not only the adults but kids these days are also getting inclined towards this form of music and are taking classes for learning it. Rabindra Sangeet classes can be found almost in every state of India but if you are residing in Noida and willing to take Rabindra Sangeet Classes then you should surely choose Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya. This academy has its branch in various areas of Noida so that it is easy for every music lover to avail each type of music lessons. Apart from the famous Rabindra Sangeet, there are a number of facilities that are provided by this class including musical instrument classes, classical western vocal classes, ball geet, bhakti songs, Hindustani vocal and many more.

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