How To Master The Art Of Watercolor Painting

Making the wonderful watercolor painting can be quite intimidating for beginners and even some amateur artists find it challenging. In fact, throughout my years of taking the Water Painting Classes at Noida (India), I have met a number of professional oil painters who had do face a hard time dealing with watercolor because it just works so differently.

So, no matter you are a novice or professional, in order to achieve desired outcome with watercolor, you must consider joining a reputed watercolor painting class as well as have the right set of tools. Having a right set of tools does not mean that you need to invest in an expensive set of supplies; it simply means that buy the standard number of essentials and don’t end up buying the paint and paper that can’t be suitable for watercolor either.

Here, I have listed down the name of some basic supplies that you must have to kick-start your creative journey to be a watercolor artist.

1. Brushes – Brushes are the key of mastering the art of painting. If you know how to hold the brushes rightly, you have won just half of the battle. To paint beautiful and precisely with watercolor, you must have a few round brushes in number of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12, and a couple of flat brushes of half and full inch so that when you go to pain a canvas, you may not end up not having a right kind of brush.

2. Palette – Apart from having the standard sizes of brushes, you must have a color palette that can provide you enough room to place the different colours separately as well as plenty of room for mixing them together too.

3. Colour – How can we imagine painting anything without having good quality colors? Make sure you have good brand watercolors in all the standard color options which can help you create any shades of colors you want to achieve. You must have at least all the primary colors i.e. red, yellow, blue, green, black and white. Mixing all these colors together in right amount can help you achieve any desirable shade you want. Your drawing teacher or watercolor color instructor will give you good idea what color to mix in what quantity to create the shade you want.

4. Water Jars – To create a fair drawing, you must have at least two water jars, one for washing dirty brushes and one for mixing colours.

5. Paper – Quality of paper does matter while doing the watercolor painting. There are typically two varieties of papers – cold press and hot press. Hot press has smoother texture whereas cold press comes with rougher textures. Colours perform differently on both these kinds of papers. You can use any of these varieties depending on your personal interests and needs but be sure it is thick else it will be wet when you put watercolor on it.

6. Board – To hold a paper, there must be a drawing board else how will you drawing on the piece of paper. Stick your drawing paper properly to the board using the drawing pin and go on chalking out your emotions on the plain canvas.

There are no rules, only tools! A right watercolor painting class near you can teach you all the basics of having the right set of supplies and how to use them to create the masterpiece. So, what are you waiting for? Go and join a reputed painting class near you now and give wings to the artist hidden in you.