Here Is How You Can Easily Learn Semi Classical Dance Form

The semi classical dancing is just what one needs to learn if they like the graceful Indian classical dance forms and also love the upbeat Bollywood music. The focus of semi classical dance form teaching is on elements like story-telling, rhythm, grace, expression, and power which are all integral constituents of Kathak. The basics of Kathak form the base of all semi classical dance classes.

The moves and steps in semi classical dancing are not as complicated as they are in pure classical dance forms. However, those who teach semi classical dance form to students make sure that they retain the authenticity of the classical Indian dance form and yet make it easier for them to grasp the concepts. Simply putting it, semi classical dances are more free-flowing and fun to learn because they break through the set structures and take a contemporary form.

How can you easily learn semi classical dancing?

• By Joining Semi Classical Dance Classes: To be able to learn the proper style of dancing, we suggest that you enrol in semi classical dance classes near you. You will be taught Kathak in the beginning so that you can learn the footwork and spins properly. As you proceed, these expressions and forms will be intertwined with contemporary dance forms. Apart from Kathak, there is the Bharatnatyam which basically entails the telling of a story through dance moves. There are other popular South Indian dance forms, Bhangra, Ghoomar, Garba, Dekhni, and Manipuri, based on which you will be taught semi classical dancing. No matter what your requirement is, there is always a right dance class out there for you. If you cannot find the right dance class near you, you can try learning on your own.

• Learning on Your Own: It is no longer very difficult to learn dance forms on your own as you can easily come across videos online. Semi classical dancing is not as difficult to learn as a pure classical dance form; however, you must still have proper knowledge of the basics of Indian classical dancing. Start by practising simple moves in the beginning. You can make a library of videos that you can learn from. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and footwear and try to follow the steps being taught in the videos. It is better to practice in a room with a mirror so you can see how a particular move looks. Apart from this, another very important thing that you need to keep in mind is practising steps with foot and leg separately and practice in this manner for at least three to four days, once you get the hang of it, you can start practising with movements involving them both.

Remember that practice is what will make you perfect and no matter whether you take semi classical dance classes or learn it on your own, self-practice is very important to get everything right. Dance to your favourite tunes and see the magic it will have on your dance moves in just a few days.

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