Helpful Tips to Keep In Mind When Joining Dance Classes

India is a culturally rich nation and it is known for the same across the globe. Here you will come across numerous dance forms ranging from Kathak to Bihu. More often than not these dance forms are also meant as an expression of faith in some or the other religion. When someone signs up for folk dance classes, choreographers modify them a bit for recreational purposes. Indian folk dancing is a great manner in which one can enjoy the music, train their body, and also socialize with others learning or practicing the said dance form. Most of these dance forms are easy to learn provided that you get the training from the right instructor. However, to make your learning easier, simply follow the tips mentioned below.

  • There is no way you will learn anything in your folk dance classes if you only sit to one side. Keep your inhibitions aside and engage yourself in what you have gone there for- learning how to dance!
  • You must not be worrying about styling and elegance in the beginning phase. Your focus right now should be trying to perfect the folk dance steps.
  • Keep a notebook with you every time you go for the class so you can note down all the little tips and tricks that instructors tell you about learning different dance forms.
  • Ask your instructors to provide you with the music on which they teach you dancing. This way when you go back home and practice, you will be able to remember the steps easily.
  • Always ask for a demo class before enrolling yourself at any institute for learning folk dance classes.
  • If you are not familiar with some particular dance form that is being taught, do not pretend like you know everything about it. Rather, watch the dancers practicing and try to follow their steps.
  • If the person in front of you or next to you is not your instructor, do not make the mistake of following them. You do not want to end up learning the wrong steps or postures.
  • Once you get into the practice of dancing, try to remember the dance steps in your head. You must learn to recognize the types of music on which certain steps are to be done.
  • When some dance form requires you to dance with a partner, you must always choose someone who is more well-versed at the dance form than you are. As you gain the learning, you must start practising with someone who seems to be equally familiar with that dance style as you are. If some days you do not have a partner, you must not sit ideal; rather, you must continue to perfect your part of dancing.
  • Do not forget to flaunt your beautiful smile as you learn dancing. Although you may think so, all eyes are not watching you while you dance. In fact, everyone passes through the same journey and they know exactly what it takes to reach where they are now.

We hope that these tips will come handy to you in your folk dance classes. Remember that with will and patience you will definitely be able to achieve your target. Do not be tempted to join the first institute that flashes on the search engine; rather go through the reviews about the instructors and also make sure you choose a dance class which is near to where you live.

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