Common Western Dance Forms That You Can Learn In an Easy Way!!

Any celebration is absolutely incomplete without a lot of dancing. If you feel that you’ve got the moves but shy away from the dance floor then here are some Western Style Dance moves that can help you make look like you know what you are doing. And the best part is that you can even learn them in less than two or three months. Definitely, this isn’t a lot of time to spare and the result you’ll get will completely be worth it.

What is western dance form?

Western dance form encompasses several dance styles or forms which are typically performed on western music and which are associated with the western tradition. This form of dance was previously famous in almost all the foreign countries but during the recent years, western style dance forms have immensely become popular in India as well. Many of the Indian citizens are pursuing western dance style as their career and are propelling in them tremendously.

There are several western dance forms that you can learn, but the most common ones are:

  1. Salsa:

Salsa is a very energetic Latin couple dance form and is the best for people who want to break into a club scene or a party. This dance form has lots of fun, sharp movements, spins, turns etc. that makes it look pleasing to the eye. The basic movement occurring in the dance form of various styles of salsa is the stepping on the beat of the music. So, if you are very much into a couple dances, and have a partner of course, then you can go for Salsa and can learn some of its amazing twists and turns.

2. Hip-hop:

Hip-hop dance form requires skill and experience to be perfect as it needs lots of strength and effort on the dancer’s part. The best thing about this dance form is that it requires lots of experimenting, it is not something that has fixed rules, and instead, you need to explore more and more. So, if you are interested in learning break-dance and moonwalk, then cheer up, because hip-hop classes are coming up in various dance studios and classes in your Noida city.

3. Contemporary:

The contemporary dance form is an expressive dance that has a mixture of various other dance forms including lyrical, jazz, ballet, modern and many more. Every person can learn contemporary dance form, but it requires an adequate and slow process of coordination, skills and the movement of the body. This dance form is not a rigid choreographic style but requires lots of expressing. So, if you feel that you can express words through your dance movements, you should surely go ahead with contemporary dance form.

Hence, these are some of the western dance forms that you can learn and master in a simple way and that too within a few months. There is a no better time than now to start and learn dancing. So, if you have the wish to learn dancing then boost up your strength and start grooving on any of your favorite western dance forms.