Learn Harmonium for the Classical Indian Music Style

Music is an essential part of our life and we use it as our companion in many forms for many purposes. Indian classical is the best form of music that is easy on ears and more relaxing when you start listening to them. Indian musical instruments are the most complicated with their looks but as easier to learn as any other musical instrument. A harmonium is such an Indian classical music instrument that resembles the modern-day electronic synthesizer keyboard. If you want to learn how to play Harmonium and you are serious about it, consider joining a professional music academy that has Harmonium classes into their learning courses.


Harmonium is a musical instrument originated in India during the British rule. The Harmonium is like a keyboard instrument and is a modified version of the reed organ. It has keys like the piano or keyboard instrument and bellows to pump air into the instrument. The most important difference in playing a keyboard and a harmonium is that you play keyboard with both hands, but in Harmonium, you play keys with your right hand and your left hand is used in pumping the bellows to force air inside of the harmonium. A harmonium is best used in different kinds of Indian classical music styles during the performance like Ghazals and Thumri.

Basically, on a Harmonium there are twelve fixed semitones of the tempered scale and three octaves – mandra, madhya and Tara. On a keyboard, one can usually play only straight notes but it is not possible to play grace notes and quarter-tones. There is also no possibility of a slur, meend, or gamaka on a keyboard that is usually played on Harmonium. These notes are the main essences of classical Indian music style hence make a Harmonium an essential part of it.

How to start learning Harmonium?

The very first thing you require when you start learning Harmonium is a Harmonium for yourself. If you just want to learn the basics of it, you can learn it at your home. But, if you are looking to master it then go for one-on-one training with a professional Harmonium teacher. It is always the best idea to start learning the basics of it at your home before joining any Harmonium classes. It will create a solid foundation for your learning needs. You can easily find online Harmonium learning videos, step-by-step instructions, and tutorials to get started. But these methods of learning are only for the basic understanding of the instrument and how to play it.

Learning a musical instrument is not that easy. If you want to learn professionally and master an instrument like Harmonium, join a reputed music academy for the Harmonium classes. The reason is simple to learn under the guidance of a high-skilled Harmonium teacher that he teaches you all the basics and complications altogether for a better understanding. A Harmonium master creates the right methodology and custom training schedule for his students that help them learn it easily in a proper way. He also listens to your practice sessions and makes corrective actions if required.

Learning Keyboard? Know How to Achieve Correct Positions While Playing!!

Learning how to play a keyboard is an exciting period in an individual’s life. No matter, if you are a child or an adult, going to Keyboard music classes can bring interest and enthusiasm in your daily routine. If your aim is to be a musician in the future, learning the keyboard can be a great foundation to learning other musical instruments in the future. However, you don’t always need this excuse to attend keyboard classes. People who learn keyboard just for their passion and leisure time abound in this world. 

In this blog, today, we will talk about how to position yourself, how to position your hands and arms, and how to get the correct body position while practicing keyboard at home. 

How to Position Yourself While Playing Keyboard:

First of all, you need a keyboard bench rather than chair. The use of bench helps in maintaining proper posture and alleviating aches or stress on your muscles. For a child, parents can place cushions on the bench or buy an adjustable bench to reach the keyboard comfortably. While playing a keyboard, one should not slouch. If possible, you can work with the instructor to find out the proper height and position. 

Once you have a bench, sit on the front half so that you can move your hands freely and have the correct distance from the keyboard. Remember that you should place your feet flat on the floor and your knees should be under the keyboard slightly. You may feel uncomfortable while adjusting to this position but stick to it while practicing to maintain correct posture. 

The best practice to follow is to sit near the middle C which is easy to find on a keyboard. It’s a musical alphabet that you will learn during keyboard music classes

How to Position Your Hands and Arms While Playing Keyboard:

For hand position, let your arms hang to your side to form a C shape and maintain this cupped shape. Feel relaxed and place your hands on the keyboard in front of you while keeping your wrists and forearms straight. 

If you are playing notes that are not in front of you, you should lean your body in the direction of your hands a bit to avoid twisting the wrist. 

The right position of hands is vital to ensure that you don’t run the risk of repetitive stress injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other movement injury. 

Don’t overplay or over practice, especially in your starting days. Check often to make sure that your forearms and wrists are straight during practice. 

How to Get the Correct Body Position While Playing Keyboard:

Sit tall, lift your shoulders up to your ears and then let them fall for comfortable posture. Feeling relaxed while playing is important to enjoy the music but slouching in the name of relaxation is never allowed. Besides, you should also avoid being too stiff, otherwise your muscles will be strained when playing. 

Although it is in the tendency of people to get tensed up especially while playing a difficult passage of music, instrumentalists rarely play at their best when they sit rigid and taut. So, learn to relax while playing. 

The elbows should be at the same or a bit higher height as the keys and sitting position should be at the middle of the keyboard or around notes E or F and the above middle C. If you are not sure, where these notes are, don’t worry. Your instructor will teach you. 

Pain caused by bad posture and position should not stop you from attending and continuing Keyboard music classes and pursuing your passion. So, follow the above tips and listen to what your instructor is advising you to attain the best position.  

Career options in the Music Industry!!

Music is an art which is either god-gifted or people attain the same with rigorous hard work and practice. According to people, it is just for fun and small-time entertainment but along with that, it is also a great career option. A career in the music industry does not only mean that you should know to sing but a lot more than that.

A music enthusiast, who knows to play musical instruments, knows to compose songs and knows to give music to the words and many more plays a vital role in the music industry. Irrespective of the role in the industry, you will need music learning and knowledge for all. You can either hire a personal trainer or take admission to the music academy.

First of all, you need to remove a thought from your mind that if you do not have a beautiful voice, you can never make a career in the music department.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the career options for you in the music industry.

Music Composers/ Songwriters: If you cannot sing, you can give your words to the songs. In this, your flare of writing and creativity will be seen in the world. Now you might have a thought that what is the need for music learning or knowledge to write a song. It is because the writers have to understand the sound, musical style, theme and category to write the songs according to the taste of the audience and industry requirements. It requires deep music knowledge.

Singers/ Stage Performers: The one who is the most in-demand in the industry are the singers. You can work solely as a singer or performer and release your music video or work under the music director and perform on the various platforms. You will be the one who will give voice to the actors and actresses in the movie and earn in huge amount in return.

Music Instrument Player: A song is incomplete without the tune which comes out from the musical instrument. If you cannot sing but can play the instrument, you will get priority in the industry. You can be the part of the musical band or individually showcase your talent to the audience on through different stage performances.

Other than the careers mentioned above you can also use the music knowledge to work without coming before the cameras or in the entertainment society. The two of them are the following:

Music teacher/Educator– If you do not wish to be in the limelight through your work and stay easy on the job, you can become a private music teacher or work under a music academy. It is also a great business option for you which will never run in losses.

Music Librarian – It is the combination of both practical and theoretical knowledge. Many musical institutes hire trained music specialists with great learning to help visitors in the library. You will be the helping hand for the music enthusiasts through your research techniques.

The career options mentioned above show how broad the department is and you can readily use the same for your development. Further, the music knowledge for the aspirants indeed starts from the home if they belong to the same background but for those who are new, the music academy plays a vital role. Irrespective of the location, there are several institutes imparting music knowledge and one popular name for a music academy in Noida is the Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya.

Love Dancing: Visit The Best Dance Class in Noida!!

Dance is the form of both entertainment and workout. It is an art that requires proper techniques, learning and practice. You being a dance lover can use various platforms to learn the dance steps but is it possible to get perfection? You can memorize the steps and display the art to the audience but will it be effective? To be the master in this art form, it is essential to get trained under the experts and practice under their guidance. Dance is never rocket science so it requires time and 100% hard work and attention from the learner. The intensity and the difficulty level can be different from different categories of the dance but none of them is easy. The choice of dance types depends upon your interest and comfort along with the requirements.

We mentioned requirements because every dance form has a different look, way of expressing, music and reason for the presentation. For example, classical dance focus on the expression, Bollywood dance is fun and energy and many others. In case you are looking for Classical Dance Classes in Noida, you are in the right space. You might be confused about how to decide the class and where to take the admission because there are several available in the locality and city. In case you have any doubt, you can research the Dance Classes in Noida and then make your decision. We will help you with some of the criteria:

  • Experience of the dance classes– Art is all about practice and years of hard work. The more you practice, the more you will get perfection. Similarly, the dance class that you plan to join should have maximum experience in the industry. In case you find that everything is fine but the institute is new, it is advised to check the experience of the trainer.
  • Registration and certification– The two important things to check while you finalize the Classical Dance classes are the certification and registration of the trainers and the class respectively. A well-qualified classical trainer will have the certificate of his/her learning. To be confident about the class that you are ready to attend, it is vital to check the papers and details.
  • Course type and class module– The classical dance form includes both theory and practical learning for the students so it is important for you to study the course type and class module of the institute. There should be a perfect balance between both so that you get the defined knowledge. It is also important to know the time duration for the complete course.

These are the basic criteria for the selection of the best Classical Dance classes in Noida but to avoid any such complications, it is good to visit our destination for the right knowledge. In regards to the above points, Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya Noida has got a huge experience in the field of art with all the valid registration and certificates. We have multiple courses and modules available according to the requirement and comfort of the enthusiast learners. In case you are ready to make your career in dancing, do not wait and enroll fast. 

Reputed Music Institute for Your Musical Career!!

If you belong to the massive population of the world who always stays glued to the idiot box watching talent hunt programs, music reality shows and wishing you could also be performing before the live audiences on the stage, you can for sure fulfill this dream by simply working towards it. You too can make your career in the music world like millions of others. The glowing music career is accessible without all the apprehension and anxiety of toiling hard for just being a well known figure.

There are a number of music institutes available at every corner of the world including Noida that give a good opportunity to youngsters to master the music. There are some aspirants who have the inborn skill of music and they can quickly grasp the tricky techniques on how to sing the different note and how to play a musical instrument. On the other hand there are also some students who know nothing about music but want to be music maestro so as to make a career in this thriving industry. No matter which class of students you belong to or what are your pre-musical traits, you can set up a successful career in music once you find a right music institute.

Of course mastering the musical art is a tough task but with proper practice, regular lessons, tenacity and the core passion, you can soon develop into a music maestro. With backing from instructors, a youngster can treat music as an extracurricular activity, as a hobby or even a future career choice. 


The most significant part of learning music is having an instrument to play. You can start your session from string instruments, brass instruments, key instruments and rhythm instruments. The best part of learning how to play instruments is that to master them, you need not have to pay through the nose in purchasing them. The music classes get you arranged all your favorite instruments which you want to learn.


Just joining an institute or attending a class is not merely enough to learn anything and music is no exception to it. To gain ground in your learning efforts, you must invest enough time in practicing also. Practice is an indispensable stride to turning into a decent player and instilling a “go for it” attitude. Practice is a pivotal thing in fostering a child’s interest in music. Your kid might play out of tune notes with musical instruments that are not so good to the ears in the initial attempts but with the regular practice, they can soon meet the art of perfection.


Group lasses or private lessons are all in all to teach children how to master the music. Therefore, make your optimum efforts in finding a right and reputed institution if you or your child inclination lies in learning music. To sum up, you no longer need to count on big platforms to coin name in the musical industry; you can make your career in this thriving industry as a music producer, teacher, singer, performer or excel in any other zones of your choice by simply enrolling yourself under a reputed music institution in Noida.