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Follow These Tips to Become a Professional Brass Player!

Music is something that makes us feel good and I believe this case is the same with everyone. The sound of music can be very soothing if we listen to these musical genres like down-tempo and other slow and soft music. The evolution of music has become a trade now. Today, Bollywood is a very rich and highly popular music industry which is really famous all around the world.

Many people are taking classes to learn music as a professional point of view as well as a hobby. However, if you are also looking out to take music classes, you should first find a good music school or college in order to get better and proper knowledge about music.

But all before that, you should decide what kind of an instrument you want to play and be an expert with. The music sector has a wider than the widest variety of instruments and when it comes to the Indian music scene, the instruments here are that many that we haven’t even seen or heard their name.

Indians have been using all kinds of instruments in their music ranging from unpopular ‘Ghatam’ to the world famous Sitar, Tabla, Veena, and Bansuri. Brass instruments are also experiencing popularity due to the kind of sound they produce as well the melodic control they have. These kinds of instruments include Tubas, Natural Trumpet, Cornet, Euphoniums, Baritone Horn, Trumpet, Saxophone, and many more.

Almost all kind of brass instruments sound similar but to know the difference you would need to learn how to play it. Since brass instrument players are rare and there’s a shortage for them in the Indian music industry. One can think about taking Brass instruments classes in Noida to become a skilled and trained brass player. Again, to become an expert in playing brass instruments it is vital to be trained by professional trainers who have experience in providing lessons to play these instruments.

A good brass trainer would only be found in a great music school, as now there are many music school how would you recognize the best one? Here’s how.

First things first, search through the internet. You will be able to get all the music schools in your city once you search for them, now choose a few of them on the basis of their location and the distance between them and your home so that to stay in the region which is feasible for you.

Now visit their websites and read about the teachers they have, the courses they offer, the instruments they include in courses, and all that is essential to know about them before proceeding. Probably, they would be having their testimonial pictures and videos on their website, check them to confirm that if they are providing what you are looking for.

When you shortlist a couple of them, visit their premises where they provide Brass instruments classes in Noida. Meet the teachers there, take a tour of their institute, check instruments’ quality, and if you can, you should really ask for a trial class session.

I have advised Brass instruments to you because it sounds great and does have a wide scope in the industry too. By following all the aforementioned tips you would be able to decide what instrument you are interested in and choose the best music school in Noida to pursue your future aspirations.

Guitar Classes: An Excellent Way To Enhance Your Musical Skills

For people who have been thinking about learning their longtime aim of playing the guitar for years but never got a chance to do it, guitar classes may be the only thing that can teach them the skill. Guitar classes are specially organized by professional experts for people who want to learn the skill of playing the guitar. Learning to play guitar is an exciting and fun way to develop skills as a musician. People will not only find themselves learning all the chords they need to know but they will also become a good and a skilled musician faster.

With so many guitar classes to choose from, choosing the right one is something that is very quite daunting. However, if you are a beginner and not sure of what to expect from a guitar class you need to consider certain factors.

By considering the points it will become easier for you to choose the right guitar class that will enhance you up as a guitar player. So to make your search easier, below given is a list of all important factors that you should consider when looking for a guitar class.

1. First of all, you need to consider the nature of the class you want to take up. For beginners, guitar lessons can come in the form of private and group classes. If you want all the trainers’ undivided attention then you can choose private classes but if you want to interact with people and want to learn with others as well then you should opt for group classes.

2. Before you decide to take admission in just any guitar class, remember to do some homework by searching for it on the internet. Look for the reviews of the class you are considering and then only proceed further. You can also talk with people already attending the class to know about the trainers and their professionalism towards their students.

3. Also, remember to personally visit and check the infrastructure and other related things about the class. Some classes may advertise themselves on the internet like a pro but in actual, they fail to impress their clients. So, before you take admission, just make sure to have full details about the background of the guitar class, its teachers, timings and other fellow students who are taking up the lessons.

Although the decision of selecting a guitar class will be totally depending on your choice, these points will surely help you in your search and will make it simpler for you to choose the best guitar class for yourself.

Besides, if you are a person who is residing in Noida and is looking for a guitar class nearby your area then Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya is a place where you can learn to play guitar along with the chance to meet a whole bunch of music enthusiasts and musicians of all genres and instruments. Annual programs and workshops organized here give students an opportunity to not only communicate with famous guitar artists but also put forward their own talent and skills by performing in front of the audience.

Top 10 Advantages of Learning Music!

I have been learning, playing, performing and teaching music for a couple of decades around and in this period of 20 years the questions that are often asked to me are….

  • What are the benefits of learning music?
  • Why should I learn music?
  • Why should I invest time and money in something that can’t reward me in my professional life?
  • Why not use the time to learn about management skills or financial investments?

Of course, fields like finance and management are the most cultivated and rewarding grounds but music’s impact can’t be less gratifying than that of finance and management. If finance satisfies your body’s need, music soothes soul. Even at the present phenomenon, music is the most preferred method of coining money too along with pleasing the human senses. Music indeed builds a soft skill that makes a huge difference in both your personal and professional life.

Still not persuaded with the soul satisfying characteristics of Sangeet? Well, I am going to share here the 10 key benefits of learning music or joining Shashtriya Sangeet Classes in India that will impact your life and in a good way. Of course, these 10 are not the only good points about mastering the art of music, there are many more too but I find these to be the most prominent ones.


1. Music Does Wonders for Your Health

2. Music Makes You Pretty Darn Smart

3. Music Boosts Your Social Life

4. Music Builds Your Confidence

5. Music Trains Discipline and Patience

6. Music Makes the Identity

7. Music Connects Yourself Better to The world

8. Music Makes You a Team Player

9. Music Is a Great Stress Reliever

10. Music Is FUN!

1. Music Does Wonders for Your Health –

Music is the best remedy to kill nearly all the illness. Yes, I’m not exaggerating the virtues of music on the contrary it is a true fact, researches have revealed the fact that listening to melodious music and crooning the same can lower your blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety levels, kill insomnia, strengthen your immunological response as well as can also make you more resistant to viruses. Music also protects us from mind-related ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

2. Music Makes You Smart –

Learning music at an early stage can sharpen the mind and makes a child active and smart in virtually all the walks of his/her life. it truly does wonders their mind, body and soul.

3. Music Boosts Your Social Life –

When you know how to play an instrument, how to produce melodious tune and how to sing, you can be more able to create an amicable environment around you. It will bring your loved ones more closely to you and strengthen your social life. . If you have confidence to play music in public, you can surely make some new friends.

4. Music Builds Your Confidence –

Have you ever wondered how some veteran singers and musicians simply go before the crowd and just perform? Really, it all requires a lot of guts, zeal and confidence to go on the stage and sing like a performer; and it is the music that bestows you with this opportunity and attributes to perform in that situation. It does not matter that for whom you are performing, it can be the mass or just one person or your partner. What matters is that when you perform and appreciated, you will feel a whole lot better about yourself, which gives you confidence.

5. Music Trains Discipline & Patience –

Music is all about discipline, patience and practice. The more you practice, the better you would be and the more patience you have, the better you can sing. When you realize the rewards of playing music, you can inject the whole experience of patience and discipline in all the other walks of your life.

6. Music Makes the Identity –

Music lets you look beyond what currently exists and express yourself in a new way. Music is all about comprehending the basic rules of Sangeet and then expressing them in the form of sound. Writing your own lyrics, and re-performing the existing songs, improvising solos are just a few ways you can start with to create something out of nothing and make your identity in the music world.

7. Music Connects Yourself Better to the World-

It won’t be wrong to state that music is a universal language, which connects yourself better to the world. Just think for a while how many times you have admired a song in languages, you can speak and understand. It is the power of music. Even if we don’t understand it, we still love it. It is indeed an impressive way to express the emotions. If you ever find yourself lacking words to articulate your points or understand someone, ask the person what his/her favourite song and you can solve the situation in a minute.

8. Music Makes You a Team Player –

Creating a heart touching song is not just a task of one person. There are many persons behind the curtain. No matter you are a drummer, a musician, a  lyricist or a singer, you always have to work in a team and listen to your team-mates so as to come with the masterpiece that can touch the mass.

9. Music Is a great Stress Reliever –

There is no negating fact point that music is the great stress reliever. In the current fast paced world, we are busy with our lives and often times feel like our heads will explode from everyday’s exhaustion and everything that’s happening. The one word solution to this mind blasting situation is “Sangeet”. It is an amazing way to get your mind off things. It allows you to release your frustrations without hurting your health. It costs nothing but gives you the valuable piece of mind.

10. Music Is FUN!

Last but not the least, music is fun. Learning can sometimes be exhausting but playing can never be. Once you complete your course of music or Shashtriya Sangeet Classes and reach a level of playing something, you can master the music, which can be entirely awesome. It starts with a sense of achievement, and then it becomes a whole lot fun to enjoy music anywhere, anytime.

Music in indeed a healthy addiction with loads of fun and I bet you once you learn the art  of playing music, you will never regret of your decision of joining a Music Academy on the contrary, you will be proud of your decision.

Important Factors to Know About Folk Dance Forms and Its Essence in Today’s Time!!

There is absolutely no better way to explore and experience the vast cultural life of India than through its folk dance. Each state and region in India offers an amazing glimpse into its way of life, traditions, and rituals. Folk dance forms are the methods through which customs and ideas are kept alive, however, this dance form should not be practiced just for the sake of the rich cultural heritage, but it should be seen as a positive passage connecting the past and the future. Through this beautiful passage of past, values, knowledge, and ideas are passed to the future so that more and more people can inherit these in themselves.

Folk dance and its essence

Folk dance is very popular in India and almost all the places and regions here have their own folk dance and its unique steps and postures. Each of the regions has their own style of folk dance that showcases their culture and tradition of living. Nowadays, folk dances are not just limited to their communities but are spreading around all the corners of the world. A number of folk dance classes have also been started for people so that they can learn any type of folk style they wish to. These days, almost every state in India has these types of classes where the best folk dance forms are being taught by experienced and trained folk dancers. So, if you wish to learn any folk dance style and want to take up folk dance as your profession then you should surely take admission in such dance classes located near you.

People today, have become modern and somehow have forgotten their culture and traditions. With folk dance classes, people can get knowledge about their values and can even benefit in several more ways. Some important benefits that people can attain from folk dance classes are:

  1. Helps to promote the local identity of people:

Folk dance helps to promote the identity of people who are living in that particular community and are performing the dance form. People get to know about them and their dance forms and get an artistic inclination towards them.

  1. Helps to gain knowledge of cultural and traditional values:

People are getting modernized with each passing day and are not familiar with their own region’s cultural dance and art forms. So, with these classes, one can turn back in time and learn about values and importance and essence of such dance forms.

  1. Helps to get details about art history:

Different folk dance forms are created of different historical events and situations. The more you’ll get involved in these dance forms, the more you’ll learn about the history of art that you should be aware of despite all the modern developments.

Apart from all these cultural aspects, folk dance classes will also help you to keep fit, healthy and in perfect shape. Besides, if you are residing in Noida and wish to learn any form of folk dance then you should surely consider Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya. This dance class has trained dancers as mentors who can teach you the best folk dance form you wish to learn.

Rabindra Sangeet: its essence and uniqueness!!

Music is not simply an art form but is also a cultural activity and a soulful way to express and release emotions. In the simple definition of music will include some common elements such as dynamics, rhythm, pitch and the sonic features of texture and timbre. Music is performed with the use of a vast range of vocal instruments and techniques such as sitar, guitar, harmonium etc. that can all be paired to bring out some excellent creations. There are various types of music that people can learn including classical vocal (Shastriya Sangeet), Light classical vocal (Sugam Sangeet), etc. But, one of the famous forms of music which is popular among people all across the world is Rabindra Sangeet.

Rabindra Sangeet and its essence

Rabindra Sangeet which is also called as Tagore songs are basically songs from the Indian Sub Continent. These songs are composed and written by the very famous Bengali Polymath, Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindra Sangeet is mainly characterized by its unique rendition while singing that consist an important amount of ornamentation including murki, meend and many more. This form of music is based on Carnatic Classical music, Western tunes, Folk music of Bengal, and Hindustani Classical music and is completely filled with expressions of romanticism.

In the origin of Indian classical music, Bengal had always been a major place. Among the Bengali classics, Rabindra Sangeet is the one that has occupied the top position. Not only in Bengal in India but this form of music is very much popular in other parts too and is considered a part of the state’s as well as the country’s cultural and art treasure.

Worldwide popularity

People should not assume that the fans and learners of Rabindra Sangeet are just confined to Bengali families. It is adorned all over the world by people belonging to various cultural and ethnic communities. The essence of the songs is so wide and vast that it covers all aesthetic and is able to showcase the true feelings of every possible emotion of the human society.

Rabindra Sangeet has so much of its essence on people that not only the adults but kids these days are also getting inclined towards this form of music and are taking classes for learning it. Rabindra Sangeet classes can be found almost in every state of India but if you are residing in Noida and willing to take Rabindra Sangeet Classes then you should surely choose Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya. This academy has its branch in various areas of Noida so that it is easy for every music lover to avail each type of music lessons. Apart from the famous Rabindra Sangeet, there are a number of facilities that are provided by this class including musical instrument classes, classical western vocal classes, ball geet, bhakti songs, Hindustani vocal and many more.

So, if you are a music lover and especially want to learn Rabindra Sangeet or any other form of music, Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya is the best place to opt for. The trainers here are experienced and will ensure that you get the best music lessons.

Learn How to Play a Keyboard by Choosing the Best Keyboard Class

Learning the keyboard is not rocket science. All you need in the beginning is to be taught correctly, and the bulk of your responsibility from then on lies entirely with the amount of dedication you are willing to put into it. The right education often comes at a cost, but the most expensive option today does not represent the best. Here are 3 options for beginners to start learning the keyboard.

Enrollment for the keyboard lessons: The most obvious option for you is definitely the possibility of enrolling for a group keyboard class or look for the best keyboard classes in Noida, who can coach you regularly. The best places to start looking for information on keyboard lessons are the internet and classified ads, where you can find ways to contact the keyboard teachers who are willing to do business with you. The good thing about enrolling for a class is that you will be learning from someone who is established in the field of music education. They would already have syllabus prepared for you, and for those without a keyboard at home, these instructors usually provide the necessary equipment to conduct classes. However, keyboard lessons are not cheap and it is unlikely for you to arrange for intensive sessions as the instructors’ time are divided among a few students.

Books: You can actually buy tutorial books from music shops that can provide information that teach you how to play the keyboard. It is definitely an affordable option and one that can be considered by those who have keyboards to practice at home with. However, learning from the books means that you will be left alone to explore and deal with situations that prop up, as you will not have channels to feedback and seek advice directly. It is also not very feasible for beginners learning the keyboard to start without some form of demonstration.

Flexibility: When you buy online courses, unlike the regular keyboard classes, you will be entitled to all your learning materials right from the start. This allows you to learn without having to step out of the house at any time that is convenient for you. This is very important because you will actually be able to manage all the other priorities which you have and then devote the rest of your time to concentrate fully on becoming a better keyboard player.

Many people are still not familiar with online keyboard courses and that is why they are still paying over the odds for offline keyboard classes. As a beginner, you should be able to get all that you need from the online courses as your starting point, and then move on to private lessons develop into an advanced player who requires specialized coaching.

If you are looking to take this interest a step further from there, you can then move on to related books to better your knowledge or hire an instructor to guide you through the advanced levels.

Find the Affordable and Ideal Classical Vocal Music Classes in Noida

In the event that I was requested to characterize Indian music in an only single word, I would portray it as immortal. To be sure, the music from this huge and massively differing nation has withstood the trial of time. The way that India’s music is respected the world over says a lot of its lavishness. No other music on the planet can profess to be genuinely widespread as the Indian music that has risen above obstructions of dialect and synthetic fringes.

  • Supported overages, Indian Classical Music are an unmistakable perfection of an exceptionally complex collaboration between various societies. Viewed as immortal craftsmanship, it tends to be isolated into three structures, to be specific, vocal, instrumental and move.
  • The beginning of Indian music can be followed back to the Vedas as well as Holy Scriptures of Hindus. Music has dependably been a basic piece of Indian culture and tradition. The ethnic assorted variety that one runs over here is generally in charge of the distinction in sounds. Indian music is essential in view of an arrangement of Raag and Taal.
  • Instrumental structures can additionally be separated into four more subdivisions relying upon the sort of instruments being played. This are-goodbye (culling), batata (bowing), Ghana (percussion) and sushira (wind).
  • Ragas are and have been the main part of Indian Classical Music all through the ages.
  • A Raga is a settled melodic example comprising of ingredients as sound (nada), pitch (swara), microtones (Shruti) and tasteful enjoyments (rasa). The total voyage of a Raga occurs from arranger entertainer audience.
  • The initial two are engaged with offering shape to a specific synthesis in a Raga through a specific stylized frame (for models, Dhrupad, Khayal, Thumri and so on) which thus is intended to evoke certain mental and enthusiastic reactions from the Listener.
  • Every organization advances through a moderate paced (Alap or Vilambit) to a lively (Madhyalaya) lastly to a quicker (Drut and Ati-Drut) segment. This movement is named Silsila.
  • Each Raga comprises a gathering of melodic notes, which may change from five to seven in number.
  • Contingent upon the quantity of notes Ragas can be delegated Audava (5), Shadava (6) and Sampoorna (7). Among these notes, one is called Vadi (generally noticeable). The note that is just next in noticeable quality to Vadi is called Samavadi.
  • Whatever is left of the notes are called Anuvadi. In some cases, there is a sudden joining of a note that does not have a place with the same melodic example. This note is called Vivadi.
  • Ragas in Indian Classical Music are joined to a specific Time-Cycle (Prahar). A specific Raga must be sung or played amid a specific time of multi-day.
  • As imagined by the authors, the notes of a Raga experience exact moment changes to bring out feelings inside an audience. These progressions are called Shruti-Jaati.
  • Ragas, as the premise of Indian Classical Music and a result of a multicultural combination, have the ability to summon extremely unobtrusive feelings inside an audience and have been tried through time.

On the off chance that you are searching for the best Classical Vocal or Sastriya Sangeet classes in Noida, you are in the ideal place. Here is an establishment who offer the best and perfect traditional vocal class in Noida. Get in touch with them and snatch the chance to learn.

Everything You Ought to Know about the Brass Musical Instrument

When it comes to the most prominent application for the brass metal, you can’t look past its utilization in the music industry in the development of a range of magnificent as well as tuneful instruments. The way that brass instruments are played is very similar to the way that plenty of other instruments are (with the exception of not requiring a reed) – air is blown into the mouthpiece using the musician’s lips. But what are some of the most popular brass instruments, and how do they work?

Research suggests that brass instruments can be traced back to medieval times; showing that the metals use for musical applications has been occurring for hundreds of years and that it is not a new discovery. Instruments that have been constructed out of brass are easily identifiable because of their very particular shape, which is not present in any other sort of instrument – each possesses a deep, conical silhouette. Each brass instrument also features seven main positions that allow the notes produced to change. The slide (fitted to each brass instrument) allows the musician to smoothly move between each of these positions and produce chords of sound.

One of the more popular brass instruments in use today is the trumpet. This instrument is held in a horizontal position, with the musician’s lips pressed to the mouthpiece at one end and their fingers on the valves along its middle. As the musician plays, they will periodically open and close these valves to produce the different notes that are needed for the piece. There are a number of different kinds of the trumpet that musicians can choose to play in this day and age, from the rare piccolo or brass trumpet to the ‘natural’ or valve-less one.

Other popular brass instruments are the French horn. This instrument is also held in a horizontal position with the conical opening turned inwards (to face the musician). The musician will be required to place their lips on the mouthpiece and their hand inside the brass conical opening in order to play. It is said that this instrument was derived from a time when animal horns were used to play music but were eventually replaced by a more attractive brass version.

Finally, what is often considered as being the most popular brass instrument is the saxophone? Unlike the trumpet, this instrument is held in a vertical position, with the musician’s lips pressed to the mouthpiece and the body of the horn running parallel to the body of the player. Like the trumpet, the musician will open and close the brass valves along the middle of the saxophone in order to produce the sound we recognize it for today.

In this article, we have shared information about brass instruments. In past years brass is normally used for musical instruments. If you need the one, you can get the best brass instruments in Noida here.

Common Western Dance Forms That You Can Learn In an Easy Way!!

Any celebration is absolutely incomplete without a lot of dancing. If you feel that you’ve got the moves but shy away from the dance floor then here are some Western Style Dance moves that can help you make look like you know what you are doing. And the best part is that you can even learn them in less than two or three months. Definitely, this isn’t a lot of time to spare and the result you’ll get will completely be worth it.

What is western dance form?

Western dance form encompasses several dance styles or forms which are typically performed on western music and which are associated with the western tradition. This form of dance was previously famous in almost all the foreign countries but during the recent years, western style dance forms have immensely become popular in India as well. Many of the Indian citizens are pursuing western dance style as their career and are propelling in them tremendously.

There are several western dance forms that you can learn, but the most common ones are:

  1. Salsa:

Salsa is a very energetic Latin couple dance form and is the best for people who want to break into a club scene or a party. This dance form has lots of fun, sharp movements, spins, turns etc. that makes it look pleasing to the eye. The basic movement occurring in the dance form of various styles of salsa is the stepping on the beat of the music. So, if you are very much into a couple dances, and have a partner of course, then you can go for Salsa and can learn some of its amazing twists and turns.

2. Hip-hop:

Hip-hop dance form requires skill and experience to be perfect as it needs lots of strength and effort on the dancer’s part. The best thing about this dance form is that it requires lots of experimenting, it is not something that has fixed rules, and instead, you need to explore more and more. So, if you are interested in learning break-dance and moonwalk, then cheer up, because hip-hop classes are coming up in various dance studios and classes in your Noida city.

3. Contemporary:

The contemporary dance form is an expressive dance that has a mixture of various other dance forms including lyrical, jazz, ballet, modern and many more. Every person can learn contemporary dance form, but it requires an adequate and slow process of coordination, skills and the movement of the body. This dance form is not a rigid choreographic style but requires lots of expressing. So, if you feel that you can express words through your dance movements, you should surely go ahead with contemporary dance form.

Hence, these are some of the western dance forms that you can learn and master in a simple way and that too within a few months. There is a no better time than now to start and learn dancing. So, if you have the wish to learn dancing then boost up your strength and start grooving on any of your favorite western dance forms.


Everything You Should Know About Indian Classical Dance!!

The tradition of dance in India is very old and is in the existence since the ancient times. The bronze statue of a dancing lady from the remnants of Mohenjo-Daro, paintings of humans in stupas, temples etc. are some of the proofs that depict that dance existed in India since ages. There are various types of Classical Indian Dance that have been born and glorified in India and are unique and different in their own way. Each of the dance forms which exist has taken its shape depending on the time and effect of the surrounding.

Different types of classical dance

There are mainly eight different types of Indian classical dance namely:







Odissi and


The historical backdrop of Indian Classical dance in our standard culture returns to the time of Nataraj Nritya. It was trusted in this age, that Lord Shiva lit the light of dancing and from that point, the custom of dance came into utilization. Also, there are numerous more stories identified with the rise of dance in India, however, the fundamental among these is that dance has been accepted as an important part of the humankind’s history. Nowadays, dance holds and exceptionally unique place in a wide range of customs, functions, marriage, festivities, entertainment and so forth.

Important techniques of Indian classical dance

Any Classical Indian Dance is basically performed by the person’s expressions and postures. These two are the most basic and important techniques of Indian dance.


Expressions play the most important part in any of the Indian classical dance forms. The main expression of the dance form is depicted through the eyes of the dancer. Postures with the correct expressions complete the dance and make it perfect to look at. The value of the classical dance completely depends on how good a dancer is bringing out their expression for the dance.


In addition to the expressions, the classical Indian dance also is expressed in the form of various poses and postures of the dancer. Each of the classical dance forms has different poses and stylized postures that depict its own unique story to the viewers. Hand as well as eyes movements are the most vital part of any classical dance form and depict the whole view. There are also several movements of the feet which include rhythm, flaunting, fluttering etc.

The main purpose of each of the Classical Indian dance is to create Ras which is termed as the spirit created by the dancer in front of their viewers. Each of the classical dance forms showcases the ethos and values of a particular group or community of India and is absolutely different from their expressions, costumes, music, steps, postures etc.

Besides, if you want to learn any of the above mentioned classical Indian dances then you may take admission in any of the dance classes available near your area. But before finalizing, make sure to get a background check of the class and also get details about the instructor’s experience in the dance field.