Bring The Artists In You Out With Oil Painting Classes!

Do you love the idea of being able to paint a picture on the blank canvas? Artists love making the dramatic strokes of oil pains on canvas because of its many advantages. Of course for many of you, its slow drying process may seem a major drawback but those who are fickle with their thoughts, it is a plus. It is so because they find it much easier to make changes to their creations. Thanks to the slow drying traits of oil paintings! Oil paints also come with an added feature of being blend with any surrounding colors so in the end an appealing artwork is created.

Undoubtedly, if there is any form of art that can bring out the real artist hidden you and give shape to your imaginations in the way you want, it is oil painting. Worry not if you are new to the oil colors and no nothing about it. You can consider taking the oil painting classes so that you may start off on a high.

What Makes Oil Painting the First Choice Of The Real Artists?

With no ifs and buts, oil paints have been the first choice of most artists for hundreds of years and of course for good reasons. Want to know what are those reasons which make oil paints better than watercolors, acrylic colors and so on? Just go on reading……

  • The colors are gorgeous, shiny and look real. So, you can do anything with them and they last forever.
  • Since oil paints don’t dry faster, you can remove what you don’t like when it is wet. You can even repaint over it when it’s dry.
  • With a few basic colors, you can make any shade you want.
  • Oil paint is easy to use once you learn the basics.

Is There Any Tip That Can Help Beginners To Master The Art Of Oil Painting?

If you are new to oil paints, you can use the following simple tips to start getting familiar with the colors and make sure that every one of your artwork piece will ooze life. Working with oil paints may seem intimidating but these some simple techniques will start you off on the right foot.

  • Take time to get to know your materials
  • Limit your palette
  • Try painting with a palette knife
  • Paint the same subject again and again
  • Don’t skimp on paint
  • Try wet-on-wet versus dry brush
  • To clean away a layer of oil paint, use alcohol, this is a powerful solvent.
  • You can put your oil paint palette in the freezer to keep paint wet so they can be used for a long time.
  • Experiment with different brush sizes to define different areas of the painting.
  • Use thick paste on foreground to convey volume
  • Create texture on your piece by dry brushing
  • Create interest by varying your colors

These are just some simple tips to get started with your interests of oil painting but if you truly want to be a great artist and give your imagination a good shape, taking Oil Painting Classes in Noida (India) is your only way to walk on.