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Instrumental Music- The Best Tonic for Your Soul!

There have been innumerable researches that prove music is great for both the human body and mind. No matter what your age is and no matter what skills you possess, playing a musical instrument is a great way to enhance your intellectual thought proc


Bring The Artists In You Out With Oil Painting Classes!

Do you love the idea of being able to paint a picture on the blank canvas? Artists love making the dramatic strokes of oil pains on canvas because of its many advantages. Of course for many of you, its slow drying process may seem a major drawback bu


Learn Classical Indian Dance Styles For Your Overall Mind & Body Development!

We all love watching competitive dance shows on our idiot box. Even if we don’t the aspirants participating in the reality shows, while watching them dancing beautifully we fall in love with them. Indeed dancing has this much power that it can conn


How To Master The Art Of Watercolor Painting

Making the wonderful watercolor painting can be quite intimidating for beginners and even some amateur artists find it challenging. In fact, throughout my years of taking the READ MORE

Things to Consider Before Joining an Art Painting School

Creativity is something that has no limit, base or motive. The only thing an artist understands about his/her creative art is the passion and flow. If you are also a creative person than you also should invest your time and talent into something arti


Classic Indian Dance: Opportunity That Can Take You to the Success Door

Summer vacations are generally a means for parents to put their children in some constructive activity or to encourage their hobby. So, if you find your little child good at classical dancing, don’t just leave this hobby at that point. While there


Follow These Tips to Become a Professional Brass Player!

Music is something that makes us feel good and I believe this case is the same with everyone. The sound of music can be very soothing if we listen to these musical genres like down-tempo and other slow and soft music. The evolution of music has becom


Guitar Classes: An Excellent Way To Enhance Your Musical Skills

For people who have been thinking about learning their longtime aim of playing the guitar for years but never got a chance to do it, guitar classes may be the only thing that can teach them the skill. Guitar classes are specially organized by profess


Top 10 Advantages of Learning Music!

I have been learning, playing, performing and teaching music for a couple of decades around and in this period of 20 years the questions that are often asked to me are….
  • What are the benefits of learning music?
  • Why should I


Important Factors to Know About Folk Dance Forms and Its Essence in Today’s Time!!

There is absolutely no better way to explore and experience the vast cultural life of India than through its folk dance. Each state and region in India offers an amazing glimpse into its way of life, traditions, and rituals. Folk dance forms are the